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Wusthof Tri-Hone Sharpener

Wusthof Tri-Hone Sharpener

SKU: M-105011
MSRP: $65.00    Now: $49.95


Wusthof Tri-Hone Sharpener 2911

The Wusthof Tri-Hone Sharpener will help you keep your fine knives sharp for a lifetime. It offers a coarse stone, medium stone and a fine stone to move your knife from dull to razor sharp. It is best to use this sharpener on a towel so it does not slip on your table. Before sharpening you will want to soak your stones in water for about 5 minutes. The set does include a small water bottle so you can keep the stone wet for sharpening. When sharpening, you will want to hold your knife at a 10 – 15 degree angle to the stone.


  • Includes 3 sharpening stones, wooden holder and a water bottle
  • Stones are coarse 240 grit, medium 1000 grit, and fine 3000 grit
  • Great for sharpening single edge blades or double edge blades
  • Great to prepare your cutlery for the holiday season
  • Meant for use with water only

Wusthof, a hallmark for chefs the world over!

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