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Wusthof Grand Prix II 2-Piece Asian Set

Wusthof Grand Prix II 2-Piece Asian Set

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MSRP: $169.00    Now: $159.95

Wusthof Grand Prix II 2 Piece Asian Set

Prepare sushi and sashimi like a master chef with the Wusthof Grand Prix II, 2-piece Asian set. The santoku (Japanese chef’s knife) has 7 inches of Stainless Steel with hollow edges to prevent food from clinging to the blade.

This 2-piece Asian set includes:

  • 3" Straight Paring Knife (4015)
  • 7" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife (4175)

The matching 3-inch paring knife is ideal for delicate slicing and like the santoku is precision-forged from a single blank of high-carbon steel. Each blade has a cutting edge that has been honed by hand, twice. The Wusthof Grand Prix II, 2 Piece Asian set contains a Japanese style chef's knife (Santoku) and a matching paring knife.

Wusthof Grand Prix II knives have the following features:

  • Skillfully honed cutting edge
  • Laser-controlled and tested cutting edge Incredibly sharp
  • Good heft, excellent balance
  • Ergonomic, slip-resistant, pebble-grained poly handles
  • Contemporary design
2 Piece

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