Wusthof Classic 5" Hollow Edge Nakiri

Wusthof Classic 5" Hollow Edge Nakiri

SKU: M-110235

The nakiri is another classic Japanese kitchen knife, this time designed for chopping, slicing and dicing vegetables. This Wusthof Classic 5-inch version has the advantage of a shorter blade, ideal for smaller hands or smaller prep work.

Its finely honed cutting edge is forged from a single blank of high-carbon steel and allows for almost paper-thin slicing. Hollow edging along the blade creates tiny air pockets as vegetables are sliced, preventing the food from clinging to the knife.


  • Honed by hand twice
  • Hardened to 58 degrees Rockwell to stay sharp longer
  • Sharpened to a 10 degree angle to be razor sharp
  • Triple riveted ergonomic handle
  • Made in Solingen Germany
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wusthof Classic knives are called classic for a reason. They are everything a chef expects of a superior knife. They are forged from fine steel and sharpened to a razor sharp edge. The handle is comfortable and handsome. The heft of the knife speaks quality and the balance of the knife is inspiring.

5 Inches

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