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USA Pans Meat Loaf Pan with Insert

USA Pans Meat Loaf Pan with Insert

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USA Bakeware is the very best non-stick bakeware we have ever used. Made from aluminized steel, this Meat Loaf pan comes with an insert that allows fat to drain away from the meat loaf for a healthier meal

It is made in the USA by American Pan, who has been providing the world's leading commercial bakers with the highest quality baking pans for over 25 years.

Features of USA Bakeware include:

  • Each pan is constructed of aluminized steel
  • The metal thickness is selected to allow even heat distribution and maximum service life
  • Steel wires in the rim of most pans provide additional strength and resist warping
  • Each pan is coated with AMERICOAT Plus, a proprietary silicone coating that nearly all North American bakers prefer over dark non-stick coating. It is a clear, non-stick, environmentally friendly coating that is specifically formulated for superior baking and does not contain any PTFE's or PFOA's.
  • USA Pans have a corrugated, or fluted, design which maximizes pan strength and prevents warping or denting and minimizes surface contact with the baked goods which gives you a more evenly baked product that is easily released
  • Made in the USA
10 x 5 x 3 Inches, 1 Pound
Hand wash only

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