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Tovolo Flex-Core® All Silicone Spatulas
Tovolo Flex-Core All Silicone Spatulas

Tovolo Flex-Core® All Silicone Spatulas

SKU: TVLSpatula

Tovolo's Silicone Spatulas are great for working with slippery food prep. Their edges are tapered to a sharp point that allows you to scrape sides clean. The surface is completely smooth for even spreading, and its square corner fits into tight spots. They are heat resistant to 600°F, 315°C, food and dishwasher safe, and BTA free. A must have the for the modern chef, these spatulas are perfect for mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping, and flipping.


  • Edges tapered to a sharp point to scrape sides clean
  • Completely smooth surface for even spreading
  • Square corner fits into tight spots
  • Nylon Core for added rigidity
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for a comfortable grip
  • Heat resistant to 600°F, 315°C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe and BTA Free

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