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TofuXpress TX1 Gourmet Food Press

TofuXpress TX1 Gourmet Food Press

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Tofu Xpress has developed kitchen tool that makes pressed tofu incredibly easy. You will have no more waste and extra equipment to wash (plates, weights, cutting boards and paper towels). A clean, simple, compact and durable press allows you to marinate as well. It works great to make macrobiotic pressed salads, paneer cheese, yogurt cheese and Greek-style yogurt. The Tofu Xpress pressed veggies as well. No more mess with chopped spinach. You'll get a meatier texture with your pressed tofu that will allow a yummy grilled tofu.

With so many options, you will be tempted to try other recipes using tofu. What about Tofu Crème Brulée or Tofu Chocolate Pot de Crème!!

Comes with:

  • Marinating Lid
  • Instruction Booklet and Vegetarian Recipe Guide
  • TofuXpress blank Recipe Card


  • Scientifically developed and tested over a 5-year period to consistently deliver the desired results.
  • Equally effective in pressing liquid out of vegetables such as thawed chopped spinach, eggplant slices and shredded cabbage, etc.
  • Designed to convert into a marinating dish – one kitchen tool does it all! The parts are made to fit together for convenient storage.
  • Made of FDA approved thermoplastic and stainless steel, and is built to last.
  • The TofuXpress is entirely made and assembled in the U.S.
Product dimensions (unboxed): Approximately Length 5″ x Width 5″ x Height 5″

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