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The Steak Bed by The Oyster Bed

The Steak Bed by The Oyster Bed

SKU: M-119176
MSRP: $68.25    Now: $49.95

The Steak Bed is a re-imagined sizzler plate designed to take advantage of fluid dynamics, cleverly capturing "Au Jus". It cooks and heats food evenly like cast iron but without the need for "seasoning," the worry about rust, or the concern about weight. It can be used over direct flame on the stovetop or campfire. It can be used in the oven on "bake" or "broil" and can be used on any type of BBQ Pit, whether charcoal or gas operated.

A perfect steak should "rest" for 5-7 minutes after cooking to redistribute the juices from its cooler center throughout the rest of the meat. On The Steak Bed, your steak can stay sizzling warm while it rests.


  • Aluminum based metal alloy with a matte finish
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Grill and Oven Safe
  • Freezer and Fridge Ready
  • Safe and meets FDA Guidelines
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Care
  • Length: 13.25"
  • Width: 9.375"
  • Depth: 1.375""
  • Hand wash only with warm soap and water
  • Grill and Oven Safe up to 1000 degrees

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