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Swissmar Raclette Cheese Trays (Set of 2)

Swissmar Raclette Cheese Trays (Set of 2)

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This set of 2 non-stick raclette dishes fits the Classic, Alpine, Stelvio and Zermatt Raclette Party Grills.

Swissmar has been making quality products for over 20 years. Their product range includes raclettes, fondues, wine accessories, bamboo boards, cheese knives and accessories. In 1985 Swissmar first began importing Swiss raclettes into North America and has been continuously developing and improving these appliances ever since. Among the new and ingenious features Swissmar has introduced are non-stick cooking surfaces, dual function grill top combined with crepe top, interchangeable granite stone, non-stick dishes with heat safe handles, temperature controls, and more.

Swissmar has set the standard for raclette appliances. When you think raclette, think Swissmar!

2 Piece

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