Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick 14 x 10 1/4 inch Roasting Pan

Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick 14 x 10 1/4 inch Roasting Pan

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MSRP: $240.00    Now: $209.95

The Swiss Diamond nonstick 14 x 10¼ inches Roasting Pan is the ideal size pan when you cater to a full-size family. The rivet-free surface conducts heat evenly and is easy to clean. The cast aluminum construction also provides perfect heat distribution across the bottom and up the sides, so a consistent temperature surrounds the food and eliminates hot spots. Brown your meat on the stove top, then transfer to the oven (up to 500°F) to roast, and then back to the stovetop to prepare your gravy. If you're looking to braise a pot roast, slow cook chili, roast a pork loin, or simply bake a deep casserole, the Swiss Diamond XD, with its new enhanced coating, and durable construction is the right pan for your kitchen.

Features of the Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick:

  • Diamond reinforced nonstick surface (real diamonds in a high quality composite) provides years of trouble-free cooking and easy clean-up.
  • Extra thick, cast aluminum body with a perfectly flat base will not tip/spin or warp. Provides uniform heat distribution.
  • Brushed stainless steel flame guard.
  • Oven safe to 500°F (260°C).
  • Swiss Diamond is recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking by the American Vegetarian Association.
  • Life warranty from Swiss Diamond against material and manufacturing defects with normal use and proper care.
  • Made in Switzerland.

13 x 8 1/4 x 4-inches deep

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