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Stratus Culinary Recurve Steak Knives (set of 4)

Stratus Culinary Recurve Steak Knives (set of 4)

SKU: M-108228
MSRP: $62.5    Now: $49.95


Stratus Cutlery is revolutionizing steak knives with their new Recurved Knives. A piece of steak cut with a sharp knife retains more of its juices and flavor, but ceramic plates can dull the edge of a knife which results in a knife tearing through meat as opposed to cutting it. In order to prevent this, Stratus Cutlery has outfitted the tip of their Recurved Knives with a reverse scalloped serration. The geometry of the blade is also designed to keep the main cutting edge away from the plate to reducing dulling.

The knives are crafted from high grade German stainless steel, and fitted with durable handles which are completely dishwasher safe.

4 Piece

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