Staub Cast Iron Round Steam Griddles

Staub Cast Iron Round Steam Griddles

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Staub cast iron cookware is the top choice for professional chefs and home cooks alike. Inspired by the Steam Grill's success, the 12" Round Steam Griddle introduces a handy new tool for healthier cooking.

The signature textured black matte enamel interior ensures perfectly browned food. Add broth, wine, or water then top with the domed glass lid, which is designed to keep dishes surrounded by steam. This allows food to be cooked in its natural juices, eliminating the need for excess oil.

Together, this searing and steaming make the most mouthwatering dishes. Enjoy juicy burgers, tender salmon steaks, and delicious hash browns - the pan's low sides encourage easy flipping.

The tight-fitting glass lid locks in heat while keeping food warm. Along with the large, flat surface area, the domed lid accommodates large pieces of meat.

  • Textured black matte enamel interior ensures exceptional browning
  • Durable cast iron construction boasts incredible heat retention and distribution
  • Tight-fitting glass lid steam cooks food and seals in flavorful juices
  • Domed glass lid accommodates large pieces of meat and allows easy monitoring of cooking
  • Colorful enamel finish will not chip, crack or rust
  • Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesn't require seasoning, Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Made in France
12 Inches

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