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Staub Cast Iron 6 Quart Wok with Glass Lid Matte Black

Staub Cast Iron 6 Quart Wok with Glass Lid Matte Black

SKU: 3-300879
Now: $299.95

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The main benefit of a wok lies in its bowl shape, which makes it possible to cook food over a small heat source. In recent years, Woks have become a staple in kitchens throughout the world. The Staub cast iron Wok excels in redistributing heat quickly, and its flat bottom adds stability making it easy to use on all cook tops, including induction. The Staub Wok includes chopsticks and a spatula for stirring plus a tempura grille for separating or draining cooked or fried food.

Primarily known for quick meals, the Wok’s versatility makes it perfect for a wide assortment of cooking methods including:

  • Frying (cooking in oil)
  • Sautéing (stir frying very rapidly in little oil)
  • Braising (cooking large pieces of meat on low heat after browning)
  • Stewing (slow cooking on low heat)
  • Boiling (cooking in a boiling liquid)
  • Steaming (cooking with steam)


  • Black Matte Enamel Interior
  • Highly durable
  • Does not discolor or rust
  • Resistant to chipping
  • No seasoning required
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Special, smooth ceramic bottom usable on all heat sources
  • Retains and redistributes heat for long periods of time
6 Quart, 15 Pounds

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