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Rose's Levy Beranbaum Heavenly Silicone Cake Strip

Rose's Levy Beranbaum Heavenly Silicone Cake Strip

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This Silicone Cake Strip ensures that your cakes will cook more evenly with less doming and shrinking from the sides of the pan and less risk of browning and drying of the sides of your cakes.

Designed by Rose Levy Beranbaum (author of The Cake Bible) this Cake Strip fits a 9" round or 8" square pan. (You can even use it for a 10" round pan if you run the strip under hot tap water or wave a hair dryer over it to make stretching it easier for the larger size pan. It will return to it's original size on cooling.)

It is quick and easy to attach - simply turn the pan upside down and slip it around the sides. It then works to insulate the sides of a metal cake pan, slowing down baking at the sides of the cake.

This silicone cake strip can be used over and over again, is dishwasher safe and is oven safe up to 500F. (Do not subject to direct heat such as a flame or broiler).

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