Shun Classic 3-Piece Herb Set

Shun Classic 3-Piece Herb Set

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Shun's Classic 3-piece is a great gift set that provides everything you'll need for all of your slicing, dicing and chopping needs. The 5.5", in-between weight and size, Santoku makes it perfect for medium-sized kitchen tasks, from slicing carrots and shallots to mincing herbs to cutting chocolate or butter. Cook's with smaller hands or those who simply prefer a smaller, lighter knife may find that this smaller santoku becomes a top go-to knife.

The extra-fine 16° cutting edge the Shun Herb Shears cuts cleanly and won't bruise delicate herbs. A built-in blade notch makes it easy to strip herbs or cut through their stems. The ergonomically designed grip is padded with elastomer plastic for maximum comfort and the shears are suitable for both left- and right-handed use. Also included is Shun's hinoki cutting board. This medium-soft wood "gives" as you cut, helping to preserve the edges of your fine Shun cutlery. Quite simply put, hinoki is the perfect cutting surface for all your Shun knives.

Set Includes: 5.5" Santoku, Kitchen Herb Shears, 9.5 x 6 x 3/8" Hinoki Cutting Board

Santoku Features:

  • A smaller, lighter santoku you'll reach for again and again
  • Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive)
  • Steel: Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core, 34 layers each side (68 total) stainless Damascus cladding
  • Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood®
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Herb Shears Features:

  • Won't bruise delicate herbs; ideal for floral use, too
  • 16° cutting edge
  • Steel: High-carbon, molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel
  • Handle: Stainless steel with elastomer grips
  • Chef's Knife blade length: 8 in. (20.3 cm)
  • Herb Shears: 7 ½ in. (19 cm)
  • Hinoki Cutting Board: 9.5 x 6 x 3/8"
  • Hinoki Cutting Board

    • Wet cutting board before each use; this helps it resist staining.
    • Wash with mild detergent; towel dry, then let air-dry away from direct sunlight.
    • Do not put in dishwasher.

    Cleaning and Storage

    • Shun recommends that you protect your investment by handwashing your blades with gentle dish soap.
    • Don't use soaps with citrus extracts or bleach; they can promote corrosion.
    • Do not use scouring pads, steel, or gritty cleanser when cleaning the blades.
    • Rinse and towel dry immediately.
    • After you have washed and dried your knives, store them in a block, knife case, in-drawer tray, or sheath.

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