Shun Classic Pro 6.5" Deba Knife

Shun Classic Pro 6.5" Deba Knife

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A Deba is a classic Japanese knife usually used for cutting meat and poultry. ; It combines the functions of a cleaver and a chef's knife and can be used cut through small bones, skin and bone poultry, filet fish and cut meat. ; It has a wide blade with a drop down point, and curved belly. ; Its traditional single-bevel design and slightly hollow ground back allows you to keep delicate food intact and release quickly from the blade. ; This full size Deba is nimble and precise and can perform many of the same tasks as a chef's knife.

The ;Shun Pro line features traditional Japanese blade shapes and the scalpel-like precision of a single-bevel blade. For a secure and comfortable grip, Shun Pro's incredibly sharp chisel edge is paired with a D-shaped PakkaWood® handle. The beautiful graffiti-etched blade is made of pure VG10 steel, a high-carbon steel with added vanadium, enabling it to take and hold an edge longer than other premium steels. The blade design is acid etched into the steel so that it becomes an integral part of the blade. The etching on each style is slightly different and cleverly incorporates the Shun logo into the design so that it becomes part of the overall pattern. (This type of blade etching is traditionally found on custom Japanese knives and is used to identify the knife's maker.) The backs of the blades are gently hollow ground, creating an air pocket between the knife and the food being cut, so the knife glides through with quick precision. The wide shinogi (or blade bevel) makes sharpening these knives on a whetstone practically effortless.


  • Solid VG-10 full tang blade designed to hold razor sharp edge
  • Sharpened to a 16 degree angle single beveled edge
  • Hardened to 61 degrees Rockwell
  • Hollow ground back of blade to let you glide effortlessly through foods
  • Elegant graffiti-etched blade for presentation
  • D-shaped PakaWood handle for comfort
  • Hand wash only
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Japan

The appearance is unmistakable, the performance unforgettable!


6.5 Inches

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