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Riedel Ayam Decanter Clear

Riedel Ayam Decanter Clear

SKU: M-110265
MSRP: $425.00    Now: $389.95

The newest member of Riedel's line of mouth-blown decanters is the Ayam, inspired by and named after a rare breed of Indonesian hen. Introduced in 2016, the Ayam makes a unique centerpiece for the table and can suspend from the table as well. Formed by hand by Riedel master glass blowers, this decanter is extremely demanding to create. It has a wide mouth for receiving and pouring wine and a wider base to allow the free flow of air exchange with the wine. The tapered and curled tip forms a counterweight to the neck which allows the decanter to hang from a table. Its design and unique shape makes this an ultimate tool for everyone oenophile and entertainer.

Maximilian Riedel notes about this design, "With the Riedel Ayam decanter I sought to create something exceptional and entirely new to make Riedel's 260th anniversary as glass-makers. I was inspired by the rare and striking presence of the Ayam breed. As a family we strive to develop revolutionary wine tools and we are very proud to have created a special decanter than can not only stand on the table but can also hang from it."


  • Mouth-blown in Austria
  • Non-lead crystal
  • 11 1/4" high
  • Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Volume: 59 oz
  • Height: 11"

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