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Peugeot Paris U'Select 9" Salt Mill Natural

Peugeot Paris U'Select 9" Salt Mill Natural

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Peugeot's U Select models feature 6 different grind settings that vary from powdery to coarse. Once you find the setting that suits you, you can keep it at the ideal setting and every time you use it you can get ideal results time after time. If someone uses a different setting, you will remember your setting marker and quickly be able to reset it to perfection.

The high quality beechwood used in Peugeot Paris mills is grown, harvested, dried, shaped and finished in France. The natural finish allows you to see the grain in the wood like no other finish. It has a warm luster that will be welcome at table.

Peugeot's high grade stainless steel grinding mechanism is treated to be resistant to the corrosive properties of dry salt. It is specifically designed to fracture and crush dry salt to the desired consistency without causing wear upon itself.Peugeot mills are the only ones manufactured in this manner and are recognized as the best in the world.

Peugeot has been in the business of making extraordinary mills for over 150 years.


  • Peugeot salt mills feature a stainless steel grinding mechanism designed to resist corrosion
  • Made of high quality beechwood grown, dried and shaped in France
  • Salt mills are only made for salt
  • Do not use wet salt in your mill
  • Peugeot mills have a 2 year warranty
  • Peugeot grinding mechanisms are so well engineered they are covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Made in France
9 Inches

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