Peugeot Paris Classic 7" Salt Mill Chocolate

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Now: $36.95

Peugeot allows you to grind your salt and pepper for the freshest possible flavor in your foods. Fresh ground makes all the difference! Mills are made of high-quality beechwood grown, dried and shaped in France. The grinding mechanisms are made so well they have a lifetime warranty! Once you experience the difference you can never go back.


  • Pepper mills crack the peppercorn first and then grind the pepper releasing all the rich flavor
  • Salt mills stainless steel mechanism is made to resist corrosion
  • Made of high quality beechwood grown, dried and shaped in France
  • Pepper mills are made for pepper only and salt mills are made for salt only
  • Use only black, white or mixed peppercorns: Pink and Green peppercorns not recommended
  • Do not use wet salt in salt mills
  • Protect from heat and moisture
  • Mills have 2 year warranty and grinding mechanism has a lifetime warranty
  • Made in France
7 Inches

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