Peugeot Molene 5.5" Acrylic Wet Salt Mill

Peugeot Molene 5.5" Acrylic Wet Salt Mill

SKU: M-112455
Now: $34.95

This specially designed Molène mill by Peugeot has been created to enable a high-performance grind without blockage even with very humid or compressed salt. This type of wet sea salt is rich in magnesium and trace elements. The Molène mill has an acrylic body with a while acrylic top. A bag of coarse grey sea salt from the Guèrande salt marshes in Brittany, France is included with this mill, while supplies last.


  • Exclusive 100% ceramic mechanism for wet salts, such as coarse grey and Celtic salt
  • Patented innovative anti-clogging system for high and consistent output
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lifetime warranty

Only grind wet salt with Peugeot's ceramic mechanism. Wet salt should not be used with Peugeot stainless steel mechanisms.

5.5 Inches

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