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Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0
Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0

Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0

SKU: GMFCitrusTools

The Microplane three-in-one Ultimate Citrus Tool has soft-touch handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. It features a patented surgical grade stainless steel fine Microplane blade - the company's best-selling blade style - which excels in zesting the flavorful and aromatic peel of citrus fruit without grating into the bitter pith. In addition, the Ultimate Citrus Tool features two decorative garnishing blades in large (.297-inch diameter) and small (.188-inch diameter) sizes. Conveniently positioned on one side of the tool, the decorative stainless steel circular blades effortlessly cut through the fruit's peel. On the opposite side is an easy to use scoring blade which simplifies the task of making citrus peel to garnish dishes and cocktails.

The best graters in the world! Microplane graters started life as woodworking tools and have found a whole new range of applications in the kitchen. Brilliantly sharp and easy to use - if you want effortless shreds of citrus zest, cheese, chocolate, spices, fruit, nuts and vegetables - look no further. There is a Microplane to suit your needs.


  • Placement of the garnishing blades on end of the handle offers an improved functionality reducing the effort required
  • The handle is 35% longer than the previous version which offers a better ergonomic benefits
  • The surface area of the blade is 26% larger than the previous version
  • Reusable protective cover included
  • Materials: 18/8 stainless steel blade. Plastic frame.
  • Blades made in USA. Assembled in Mexico.
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.375" x .825"

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