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Mastrad O'Plancha Griddle and Lid Set

Mastrad O'Plancha Griddle and Lid Set

SKU: M-111955
Now: $119.95

The versatile O'Plancha combo can be used for indoor or outdoor cooking "a la plancha" or teppanyaki-style. The generous cooking surface is rimless so that spatulas can easily turn the food, but has ridges along the edge to catch excess cooking juices. The set even includes a mini-baster to collect the liquid.

The triple-layer base if made of 18/10 stainless steel and aluminum for quick and even heating. It's 1/3-inch thickness allows superior heat retention.

The lid adds even more versatility, with its built-in thermometer, by turning the O'Plancha into a mini oven for pizzas or cake. Smoking racks are included. The lid also protects you from oil splatter while cooking.

Set includes:

  • 18/10 stainless and aluminum griddle
  • Cooking lid with temperature gauge
  • Smoking Grill
  • Mini-baster
  • Pot holders
.33 Inches Thick, 7.5 Pounds

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