Le Creuset Cast Iron Extra Large Double Burner Grills

Le Creuset Cast Iron Extra Large Double Burner Grills

SKU: M-111001

Le Creuset has the perfect solution for rainy days when you've planned for grilling for a crowd. The Extra-Large Double Burner Grill neatly fits over two stovetop burners and its elongated cooking surface can accomodate lots of food. The ridges create nice char lines on your steak, vegetables, chicken, shrimp or fish. You can also use this Grill on your outdoor grill when grilling small items like shrimp that might fall through the grates. The matte black enamel surface doesn't require seasoning and is ideal for searing and grilling. The colorful enamel exterior is available in Le Creuset's color palette and the cast iron provides even heat distribution and retention. It's generous 15.75" x 9" x 1" size gives you plenty of room to cook a medley at once.

Colors available:

  • Cherry/Cerise
  • Marseille
  • Caribbean
  • Flame
  • Marine
  • Oyster
  • Matte Black
  • Indigo
15.75 x 9 x 1 Inches

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