Le Creuset Cast Iron 3.25 Quart Paella Pans

Le Creuset Cast Iron 3.25 Quart Paella Pans

SKU: M-110990

Le Creuset's beautiful enameled cast iron Paella Pan is a "Party in a Pan." Filled with rice and various meats and seafood--depending upon which style you're cooking, your paella party begins with the visual created by this amazing dish. The heat-retaining properties of Le Creuset help develop the socarrat, a layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan, which identifies at good paella. The large surface area keeps the rice layer shallow, allows liquid to evaporate and create that crunchy crust of rice. The durable matte black interior finish aids in browning and requires no seasoning before first use.

Colors available:

  • Cerise/Cherry
  • Marseille
  • Caribbean
  • Flame
  • Marine
  • Oyster
3.5 Quart

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