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Kyocera 4.5" Ceramic Utility Knife & Y-Peeler Sets
Kyocera 4.5 Inch Ceramic Utility Knife & Y-Peeler Set

Kyocera 4.5" Ceramic Utility Knife & Y-Peeler Sets

SKU: KYCKnifePeelerSet
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This set features a 4.5 inch ceramic utility knife and a Y-style peeler. The utility knife's ceramic blade is great for slicing boneless meat, fruit, and vegetables. The peeler has a ceramic blade as well, so it will outlast any steel peeler. The ceramic blades in this Kyocera knife set will never stain, rust, or corrode. They are impervious to the effects of acids and oils from food. They also never impart a metallic taste to your food. Available in Black and Red

4.5 Inches

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