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Kenwood Persona Toaster

Kenwood Persona Toaster

SKU: M-109090
MSRP: $180.00    Now: $149.95

The Kenwood Persona Toaster can handle so much more than slices of toast: paninis, croissants, bagels and toasted sandwiches. Its temperature is versatile so that you can toast, warm and melt. The slot can be adjusted (from approximately .38" to 2.5") providing you with precision and accuracy. Four dedicated toasting buttons allow you to only toast the cut side of bagels, warm croissants and toast both sides of bread at a higher temperature. The Peek and View feature allows you to monitor progress without having to cancel the toasting cycle.


  • Adjustable width long slot (to allow bread up to 60mm thick)
  • Dedicated function buttons for Panini, Bagel, Croissant and Toast
  • Peek & View™
  • Defrost setting
  • Illuminated controls
  • Premium aluminum body with high polished design features
  • Adjustable browning setting
  • Push fit crumb tray and cord storage

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