John Boos 20" x 15" x1.5" Reversible Cutting Board Walnut

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John Boos 20" x15" x1.5" Reversible Cutting Board Walnut ;WAL-R03-6

The John Boos Walnut Cutting Board features an edge grain construction and is reversible. For secure carrying, hand grips are carved into each end. Made in the USA, John Boos uses premium construction techniques and the highest quality hardwoods from the United States ;for its cutting boards. The boards are finished with Boos Board Cream containing beeswax.

Care of your board:

  • Use Boos Mystery Oil once a month, applied with a cloth or disposable towel.
  • Use Boos ; Board Cream for additional protection.
  • It's time to oil the board if you notice your cutting board becoming dry and lighter in color.
  • If the board is not completely dry, store your board on end. When completely dry it can be stored flat and away from extreme temperatures.
20" x 15" x 1.5"

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