Concave by J.K. Adams 12" x 12" Prep Board

Concave by J.K. Adams 12" x 12" Prep Board

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The Concave cutting board is built with a 4-way curve that assures your meat will rest in its own flavorful juices until served. It is perfect to take from kitchen to table. The 20 x 14 inch models come with 4 anti-slip feet for safety and stability. These handsome cutting boards are made of Maple with a teak oil finish.


  • 4-Way curve keeps the juices with the meat to save flavor and protect your table from unwanted run-off
  • Maple construction with teak oil finish
  • 20 x 14 models have anti-slip feet for safety
  • Wash with ; soapy cloth, rinse and dry immediately
  • Oil your board with mineral oil
12" x 12"

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