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Hestan Cue (Gen 2) Smart Cooking System with Fry Pan
Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System
Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

Hestan Cue (Gen 2) Smart Cooking System with Fry Pan

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Let the Hestan Cue Induction Burner & 11 inch Clad Skillet with Bluetooth be your Sous chef in your kitchen, walking you through recipes, step by step, with video guidance. This connected cookware and the recipe app all communicate with each other using Bluetooth® technology and embedded sensors — automatically adjusting the cooking temperature and time as you proceed through each step of every recipe. Learn new recipes, improve your skills, without fear of overcooking or underwhelming. Cue doesn't cook for you – It helps you cook better food, more often.

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System requires the following: Hestan Smart Induction Burner, one or more pieces of Hestan Cue cookware (each with matching Smart Capsule) and the Hestan Cue App.


  • Recipe app and smart induction burner automatically control the temperature and timing
  • Choose from hundreds of video-guided recipes
  • Allow you to cook better food, more often
  • Mix & Match app feature allows you to create custom recipes
  • Induction burner can be used in manual mode with other induction compatible cookware
  • 1 Year Warranty

Hestan Cue 11" Fry Pan

  • Dimensions: 20" L x 11" W x 3.75" H
  • Weight: 3 lbs / 1.5 oz / 1.43 kg

Hestan Cue Induction Burner

  • Dimensions: 12.5" Diameter and 2" Height
  • Weight: 5 lbs / 2.28 kg
  • Wattage: 1600 Watts / 120 Volts / 60 Hertz

General Care for Hestan Cue Cookware:

  • Hand wash with a mild, non abrasive, dish soap and non-scratch scrub sponge.
  • Do not submerge cookware in water.
  • NEVER put Hestan Cue cookware into dishwasher.
  • NEVER put Heastan Cue cookware into the oven.

General Care for Hestan Induction Burner:

  • Never immerse the unit cord, or plug into water or any liquid.
  • Never place the unit in an automatic dishwasher.
  • Do not spray the ourside of the unit with liquid cleaning products. Liquid could enter the inside and cause a short circuit or electric shock.
  • Wipe top plate with a damp cloth or use a mild, non-abrasive dish soap to make the damp cloth soapy.


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