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Global NI 5.5" Hollow Ground Prep Knife

Global NI 5.5" Hollow Ground Prep Knife

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Global Ni are the second in the new generation of Global Knives (Ni meaning 2). These knives have all you would expect of the Global range; razor sharp edges, Chromova18 stainless steel and Global's famous perfectly weighted hollow handles. Thicker blades with slightly longer handles and a spine that has been slightly rounded to provide control and comfort using a pinch grip.

The scalloped grooves on the sides of the blade edge helps with reducing friction and sticking of foods. Ideal for everything from slicing tomatoes or sandwiches to hulling strawberries or creating decorative garnishes, this hollow-ground prep knife is a versatile addition to any kitchen.


  • Incredibly strong knife tips and Asian design enable highest standard of accuracy.
  • Unique convex edge of the GLOBAL® blade makes cuts smoother, requiring less energy.
  • Lightweight CROMOVA 18 steel blade retains its edge longer than any major knife brand.
  • Thicker blade with increased weight and a longer handle to perfectly balance the increased weight.
  • Rounded spine ensures comfort while using a professional pinch grip.
  • Sleek, ergonomic handles are perfectly balanced and designed for maximum comfort and control.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • It is recommended that you wash your Global knives by hand using a mild dishwashing liquid and water.
  • Global recommends periodically sharpening your knives using either a waterstone or ceramic stone.
  • Global knives are very sharp and should be carefully stored to avoid accidents and kept out of the reach of small children.
  • Do not use these knifes for any purpose other than for what they were intended, i.e. the preparation of food.
  • Do not cut on a marble, stone, tile or glass surface.
  • Do not attempt to cut through frozen foods or bones.

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