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Ferrum Estate 5" Dual Edge Utility Knife

Ferrum Estate 5" Dual Edge Utility Knife

SKU: M-115710
MSRP: $100.00    Now: $79.95

The Ferrum Estate 5 inch Dual Edge Utility Knife is an excellent knife for slicing cucumbers, tomatoes, salami, and other foods with tough skin. Its sharp, serrated edge is also useful for slicing small loaves of bread like baguettes. The back 1.25-inch portion of the blade is serrated, while the rest is fine edge making it easy to get the cut started, which makes the knife more versatile.

Re-thinking the entire process how knives are made and using new technology, the knife-making experts at Ferrum Technologies incorporate advanced production techniques, and metals with greater purity and density for fantastic cutting performance. Each knife in the Estate Collection features a handsome, double-bolstered maple wood handle. Ferrum knives are built using unique metal forming techniques to look great, feel great in the hand, and deliver razor sharp performance.

Hand wash only

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