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Durgol Universal Fast Decalcifier

Durgol Universal Fast Decalcifier

SKU: M-108898
Now: $14.95


Durgol Universal Fast Decalcifier removes lime-scale from any household appliance easily and quickly. It dissolves lime-scale seven times faster than vinegar or citric acid, and contains effective anti-corrosion agents to protect your appliances. The product is non-hazardous (as per CLP specifications). Use Durgol Universal to descale your kettle or tap filter for a fast and powerful effect. The formula guarantees a gentle, food-safe descaling process. It's odorless, it does not generate steam and it does not leave chemical residue after descaling and rinsing.

Suitable for: kettles, filter coffee machines, saucepans, frying pans, shower heads, nozzles, tap filters (jet regulators), fittings, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, sinks, chrome steel troughs, aquariums, etc.

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