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Cuisipro Kitchen Grips Chef's Mitts

Cuisipro Kitchen Grips Chef's Mitts

SKU: GripMitts

This oven mitt is the must-have oven mitt for your kitchen. It is made of FLXaPrene which prevents stains that can harbor bacteria on your mitt. It resists heat up to 500 degrees and also protects your hands from temperatures as cold as 134 degrees below zero. The raised nubs on the glove help it lock onto whatever you pot or pan you need to move in or out of your oven. It is also water-repellent and protects from liquid or steam burns even when wet.


  • Resists stains and unwanted bacteria
  • Designed for a sure grip
  • Protects hands from temperatures from -134 degrees below zero to 500 degrees
  • Protects hands from heat and steam even when wet

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