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Breville The Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville The Control Grip Immersion Blender

SKU: 1-100259
MSRP: $150.00    Now: $99.95


Breville has made immersion blending easier by re-engineering its Control Grip™ to avoid excessive suction and to put you back in control. An ergonomic trigger grip is incorporated into the design and can be easily engaged from a natural hand position. Truly a multi-purpose tool, the blender comes with a whisk attachment, 25 ounce chopper and 42 ounce jug.


  • Adjustable speed control (low to high for precise blending and processing)
  • Revolutionary bell-shaped blending base combined with internal ribbing reduced suction for greater control and more efficient blending
  • Stainless steel shaft with a non-scratch base to protect pots and pans from the blender
  • Compact storage as chopper fits inside the jug
Chopper - 25 Ounces, Jug - 42 Ounces

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