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All-Clad PC8-Precision Pressure Cooker

All-Clad PC8-Precision Pressure Cooker

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When you have a busy life, there isn't always time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal for the family. That's why the All-Clad precision pressure cooker is here to do it for you. It gets food cooked quicker while preserving those vital nutrients. There's no drama with this modern pressure cooker.


  • 8.4qt capacity
  • 10" diameter for enhanced searing ability
  • Automatic timer (removable) sounds when up to pressure and alerts you to the stage of the cooking program
  • Includes a recipe book for pressure cooking as well as guidelines for converting your own recipes for pressure cooking
  • Handy steamer basket for delicate foods like vegetables, fish and deserts is included
  • Bonded stainless steel base will never warp so your pressure cooker will remain stable on all cook tops
  • Large handles so you can maneuver it easily with oven mitts
  • Dishwasher safe except for control panel, timer and silicone gasket
  • Made in France
  • Limited lifetime warranty

It has four cooking programs for meats/poultry, vegetables, grains and fish, so that you get delicious results every time. It will work on traditional and induction stove tops. Pressure cooking is the answer to those of us with busy lives.

Many of us have memories of pressure cookers dancing around on stove tops hissing, not to mention the concern that it could explode. All-Clad got rid of all the drama surrounding old pressure cookers. The PC8-Precision Pressure Cooker has an ingenious system for opening and closing that leaves no doubt if it is open or closed.

All-Clad brings fine cooking home!

8.4 Quart, 10 Inch, 10 Pounds

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