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All-Clad Essentials Nonstick 7 Quart Multi-Pot with Insert

All-Clad Essentials Nonstick 7 Quart Multi-Pot with Insert

SKU: M-118664
MSRP: $160    Now: $99.95


The Essentials Nonstick collection is thoughtfully designed to allow you to cook, serve, clean, and store with ease. Essential, multi-purpose pieces move seamlessly from stovetop to oven to table and back into your cabinets, where they nest without scratching the PFOA-free nonstick surface.

The piece includes a 7 quart stockpot with a lid and a multi-purpose insert that serves as a strainer for pasta, steamer for vegetables, and colander for rinsing. You'll never need another strainer, steamer, or colander taking up precious cabinet space again!


  • Essential for stovetop to oven to table use
  • Small feet on the bottom allow th insert to function as a colander in the sink
  • Easily steam foods inside the multi-pot using the tempered glass lid
  • PFOA-free nonstick surface for effortless release
  • Neat, fuss free nesting that prevents scratching of the nonstick surface
  • Pans are safe to 500 degrees F
Safe for the dishwasher, easy for the hand washer

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