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All-Clad Copper Core Fry Pans

All-Clad Copper Core Fry Pans

  • 8" Fry Pan
  • $149.95
  • 10" Fry Pan
  • $249.95
  • 12" Fry Pan
  • $264.95

Due to Covid-19 and increased demand, Please expect additional delays on delivery times. This item may ship directly from the manufacturer usually within 5-7 business days. Expedited shipping not available.

All-Clad Fry Pans are used for frying foods over a high heat and have gently sloping sides so that steam cannot collect in the pan. All-Clad's thick base and excellent conductivity ensures even heating and no warping of the pan - even at high heat. How do you combine the superb conductivity of copper and aluminum with the non-reactive, easy to maintain qualities of stainless steel? The answer is All-Clad's range of Copper Core cookware. This is All-Clad's ""top of the line"" range. It is the ultimate in cooking - the ideal combination of looks and functionality. A unique five-ply construction allows All-Clad Copper Core cookeware to have non-reactive, easy to clean, stainless steel interiors and exteriors and combine these with a core of pure copper that spreads heat quickly and evenly across the bottoms of pots and pans and all the way up the sides plus aluminum layers that bond the copper to the stainless-steel and add to the superb conductivity of this coiokware. All-Clad Copper Core cookware have a stripe of the copper core encircling the stainless steel exterior and rolled edges on the pots and pans to prevent drips during pouring and to ensure tight-fitting lids. The lids and handles are made of 18/10 stainless-steel and are riveted for strength and grooved on the top for comfort. The lids' handles, the pans' long handles (holed for hanging on a hook or peg), and the stockpot's loop handles stay cool on the stovetop but are also oven safe. To maintain its appearance, it is best not to put Copper Core pans in the dishwasher.

All-Clad is renowned for using American-made metals to make handcrafted bonded cookware in the tradition that established a new benchmark for professional bonded cookware. At each stage of the manufacturing process, every piece of All-Clad bonded cookware is hand-inspected to ensure that it maintains All-Clad quality standards. This extreme scrutiny slows the production process, but guarantees that every piece of bonded cookware that leaves the Pennsylvania rolling mill preserves the reputation that precedes it. Every detail receives critical attention. The signature stay-cool handle is cast from solid stainless steel, and is ergonomically-designed for comfort during long cooking sessions. Rivets are formed from high-yield-strength stainless steel, and treated to remove trace elements of iron that could otherwise cause corrosion. These painstaking efforts result in a finished bonded cookware product that maintains the same integrity it was created with, even after a lifetime of service.

8, 10 & 12 Inch Fry Pans

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