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Chef Tracy Gribbon

Chef Tracy Gribbon

Founder and Baker Tracy Gribbon is a lover of all things snackable. Her passion for healthy living combined with her love of snacks inspired Tracy to make artisanal handmade crackers the old-fashioned way. Using organic ingredients and her Georgia grown sourdough starter, her crackers are a rustic yet contemporary indulgence with an unmistakable flavor all their own.

Tracy started in restaurants. She has worked in Savannah, Atlanta & New York City for the better part of 20 years. But, surprisingly, her experience was front of the house based. Baking had always been something she enjoyed, but never focused too much on. When she left NYC to come back to Atlanta that started to change. She made a sourdough starter in her Chamblee kitchen and immersed herself in the science, nutrition and history of sourdough. The baking was full swing after that and most of all she loved bringing something delectable to life and then being able to share that special thing with loved ones.

And that is when Georgia Sourdough Co was created. When all her life experiences, beliefs and dreams coalesced to one meaningful company. She believes in honest quality ingredients and the intelligence of nature. And the sourdough starter is her holy grail. Baker Tracy Gribbon understands the importance of clean healthy, delicious snacks. And she is excited to share them with you.

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