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Le Creuset Skillets

Le Creuset has created a full range of skillets, with every cooking surface to meet your needs. Signature Enameled Cast Iron Skillets make it easy to fry, sear or bake a variety of foods either on the stovetop or in the oven. With it's long handle and easy grip helper handle, one can easily maneuver the skillet from cooktop to oven to tabletop. The skillets feature a matte black enamel interior which aids in browning and does not need seasoning. The new Sizzle Platter joins the skillet family with its "flat-top" surface to allow seared meats, seafood and vegetables to retain their crisp edges. The Stainless Steel range is elegantly crafted by European artisans for superior performance and a radiant, lifetime luster. The new Toughened Nonstick Collection delivers the ease of unsurpassed nonstick performance with a PFOA-free triple-reinforced coating, making it perfect for healthier cooking with less oil or fat.

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