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Chef Melissa Monsibais

Chef Melissa Monsibais

I attended culinary school at the Arts Institute of Atlanta and graduated with a four-year degree in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management in 2008. I started my career in a place I never could have imagined or had prepared for, a sushi bar. Training with Chef Saito Saito, a Sushi Chef from Japan, I learned the ins and outs of everything related to sushi. I also spent time getting to know other sushi chefs in Atlanta and some even let me work at their sushi bars. A woman behind the sushi bar is not generally accepted so I felt honored that they recognized me as a fellow Chef. Eventually Chef Saito went on to open other sushi restaurants in Atlanta and I remained to run the sushi bar for five years.

As much as I enjoyed sushi, I left to pursue other types of cuisine and took a job with Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. I worked with them for several years before accepting a job at Miller Union where I trained under Chef Steven Satterfield. Chef Satterfield won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southeast in 2017 and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the team at Miller Union for four years.

I love being able to share my experiences and knowledge with other people so I taught classes with Sur La Table for two years which was a lot of fun. Currently I work for Kennesaw State University as the Catering Chef where I oversee the kitchen for all catered events over two campuses. Our catering involves everything from taco bars for students to intimate, fine dining dinners for guests such as the State's Governor or the CEO of Home Depot. It's quite a challenge to cater to so many different budgets and styles of dining, but it is a challenge I enjoy and learn from daily.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends in the industry as we taste our way around the Atlanta food scene and traveling with my family to explore good food all over the country.

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