Vitamix Professional Series 750

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Vitamix Professional 750

The Vitamix Professional 750 raises the bar for Best in Class when it comes to your home blender/food processor. It has a 2.2 peak horsepower motor that processes even frozen items in seconds. How often do you speak of horse power when speaking of a kitchen appliance? It comes with a 7 year warranty while most appliances come with a 1 year warranty. It has 5 Pre-Programmed settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees and a setting for cleaning. The soup function might come as a surprise but things moving at 240 miles per hour tend to heat up and the result is piping hot soup after only a few minutes.

Other Vitamix models can perform many of the same tasks, but this model is the top of the line:

  • More pre-programmed settings, simply select a program and walk away
  • 2.2 Peak horsepower motor marks the most power from Vitamix
  • 40 percent quieter than previous models
  • New shorter wider carafe fits under most cabinets on your counter top
  • Lid has removable center to allow you to add ingredients while blending
  • Carafe is BPA free and will not break if dropped
  • Comes with tamper allowing you to push food into the blades with no danger of the tamper touching the blades
  • Includes Getting Started DVD featuring Chef Michael Voltaggio
  • Comes with hardbound recipe book with over 200 recipes
  • 7 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Brushed stainless finish

You will wonder how you ever lived without your Vitamix! It gives you the ability to make smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees, nut butters, baby food, and with the optional dry carafe you can make your own flower from your own grain or blend of grains!

For those of you into healthy living, you will cherish the Vitamix’s ability to create smoothies that break open fruits and vegetables full nutritional potential. Vitamix breaks foods down at the cellular level releasing all nature’s vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients for a healthier you!

The Vitamix Professional 750 offers you astounding power, the security of a 7 year warranty, the ability to do so many things. Your creativity will further expand what you can do with this incredible appliance. Vitamix offers you a better quality of life that you richly deserve!

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